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"Jindal For President" Group Halted

The leader of the political action committee urging Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal to run for president in 2012 has called on supporters to halt their efforts, The Associated Press reports.

"Jindal For President Draft Council" treasurer Dan Kyle said Tuesday that pressure from the governor's organization led to the the action. A letter from Jindal's campaign was sent to the PAC, stating that the draft effort would be a distraction.

"I believe that the last thing anyone in this group would want to be is a distraction to the governor in achieving his goals," Kyle wrote to Bobby Yarborough, treasurer of Jindal's state campaign organization, The Times-Picayune reports.

Jindal has previously denied his presidential hopes and maintains that he wants to remain in Louisiana for as long as possible.

"The governor does not support this effort. This is a distraction from the critical issues that we face, and the governor will not be involved in any capacity," Jindal spokesman Kyle Plotkin told The Times-Picayune. "The governor has said that he has the job he wants, and he hopes to be re-elected (in 2011) to continue to move Louisiana forward."

When the PAC was announced, Dan Kyle told the Times-Picayune that the committee was set up just in case Jindal decided to run.

"We're not necessarily saying 2012, but we want to be ready," Kyle said. "But in 2016 we'll be ready. I know people feel he has a lot of unfinished business in Louisiana before he moves on. We would love to keep him here as long as possible, but if it turns out it's better for him to run in 2012, we'll support that."

Jindal gained national recognition when he delivered the GOP response to President Obama's first address to Congress back in February. He has also made several trips around the country, adding fuel to speculation of his presidential bid.

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