Emotional Jimmy Kimmel: "Disgusting" that Congress puts rich ahead of kids' health

Jimmy Kimmel seen with his son.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!"/ABC

Last Updated Dec 12, 2017 1:01 PM EST

LOS ANGELES -- Jimmy Kimmel held his baby son as he returned to his late-night show after a week off for the boy's heart surgery.

Kimmel was crying from the first moment of his monologue Monday night as he pleaded with Congress to restore and improve children's health coverage, a cause he has championed since his son Billy was born with a heart defect in April.

Billy needed one surgery just after his birth and had a follow-up operation last week.

Kimmel kept up his ardent advocacy Monday night, urging Congress to restore the Children's Health Insurance Program, which has been left unfunded and stuck in a political stalemate since September.

Kimmel said it's "disgusting" that Congress is putting tax cuts for millionaires ahead of the lives of children.

On Tuesday, Kimmel shared a clip of his monologue with Billy on Twitter. In the tweet, he encouraged his followers to sign up for the Affordable Care Act.