Jimmy Kimmel shows the dark side of Valentine's Day (that's hilarious)

(CBS News) Though Valentine's Day may be over, for some the experiences still live on. Like the people on the receiving end of gifts in this collection of pranks pulled in the video above. Because nothing quite says "I love you" more than really freaking out that special person in your life.

Awwww, how sweet... the one guy even made sure to include the original finger to show how much he cared. And the kidney stone diamond: priceless! The post-Valentine's Day prank video was posted by Jimmy Kimmel Live and submitted to the show by viewers on the day devoted to love. Can I just say that, in this blogger's humble opinion, it's nice to see Jimmy is branching out from being the bane of kids everywhere these days. And to check out more hilarious clips from Jimmy Kimmel Liveclick here for our previous posts or click here to go to their YouTube page.