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Jill Biden releases White House Christmas video featuring tap dancers performing "The Nutcracker"

Biden lights National Christmas Tree
National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony goes smoothly 2 days after tree was toppled by wind 00:27

First lady Jill Biden offered up some holiday cheer Wednesday, sharing a video of tap dancers galavanting around the decorated White House. The group from Dorrance Dance wore colorful outfits meant to represent characters from The Nutcracker – a classic holiday ballet. This year's decor theme is "magic, wonder and joy," the Bidens announced last month.

Dorrance Dance, a New York City-based tap dance company founded in 2011 by Michelle Dorrance, said on Facebook the dance was choreographed by Dorrance and Josette Wiggan. On Facebook, the video received more than 50,000 views and many positive comments.

Biden's video quickly amassed nearly 3 million views on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. The video, however, was polarizing, with much of the criticism coming from conservatives and those politicizing the video.

On X, some felt the video was a misuse of tax dollars – although it is customary for first ladies to reveal the White House decorations and even put out videos showcasing the decor. Former first lady Melania Trump's 2020 White House Christmas video showed her walking the White House's decked halls.

Some people compared Biden and Trump's videos – while Biden's showcased the boldly decorated White House with elaborately dressed dancers performing their interpretation of "The Nutcracker," Trump's had a more serene vibe, with softer lighting and music.

On Instagram, where the video was posted jointly with Dorrance Dance, many of the comments were also political, but some were less critical. "Why do these people seem to think Dr. Biden was elected president? She is not the one to make policy, these comments are ridiculous. Love this display of talented performers," one person wrote. 

"Thank you for bringing Jazz and Tap dance to the Whitehouse this Holiday season! It's a scary world right now, but a respite of two truly American art-forms invented in this country is a breath of fresh air," another commented. 

The president and first lady take part in many holiday traditions at the White House, including a tree lighting, the decoration reveal and a Christmas address that occurs near the holiday. At the National Christmas Tree lighting on last month, President Biden said the theme "magic, wonder, and joy" captures the essence of the holidays, "to rediscover for ourselves the simple joys of the season, from familiar songs to favorite recipes; to open the hearts with simple acts of kindness, especially to those — those going through hard times; and to strengthen the bonds with family and friends, as well as with our faith and our community; to remember we're a great nation because we're a good people."

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