Jesus Saves Jewelry Store Owner; Armed Robber "Arrested by the Holy Spirit"

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NEW YORK (CBS) Jesus Saves! At least invoking his name saved a Texas jewelry store owner from an armed bandit who tried to rob the shop but got an earful instead.

Photo: Marian Johnson Chadwick, owner of Extravagant Necessities in Frisco, Texas.

"In the name of Jesus, I command you to get out of my store. You are bound by the Holy Spirit and you are leaving," Marian Johnson Chadwick, owner of Extravagant Necessities in Frisco, Texas, forcefully told a man who was pointing a gun at her and a long-time customer, Kathy Vereen, and demanding money.

"I think that it happened so quickly that all I had to rely on were my instincts and my instinct was to fight and I got mad. So, I took control of the situation," she told CBS News' Crimesider.

The intruder's hood was up, he was dressed in dressed in a baseball cap, a large jacket and glasses and only his cheek was visible, she said. But she waved her arm at him and bellowed, "In the name of Jesus, you get out!"

"He could have shot Kathy. He told her to get on the floor, but she said no," Chadwick said. "He could have grabbed anything, but he was totally arrested by the Holy Spirit."

"The power of God filled the store and it just pushed him back," she said.

The invader left and neither Chadwick nor Vereen, also a Christian, was hurt.

Chadwick, who has owned Extravagant Necessities for seven years, said this has never happened to her before but it has happened in the area. Her boutique is called the "girlfriends" store because it's a place for women to shop and meet other women.

"By faith, if we truly believe who we are in Christ, he will protect us," Chadwick said, and she believes it.