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Jessica Simpson says biggest money mistake was first marriage

Yikes! Jessica Simpson can't stop slamming her first marriage with ex-husband Nick Lachey in the press.

The singer and former star of "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica" told Page Six she plans to never revisit her hit reality show again.

"I would have a panic attack," she said of the show that ran from 2003 to 2005.

That wasn't the only jab Simpson got in about her first marriage.

Simpson appeared on CNBC on Thursday to talk about her Jessica Simpson Collection, her billion-dollar clothing, accessories, home and lifestyle brand.

When "Closing Bell" co-anchor Kelly Evans asked Simpson what her biggest financial mistakes were, Simpson responded, "The biggest money mistakes? Hmm ... I don't know. For some reason I thought of my first marriage."

Evans didn't seem shocked, and responded, "That's actually a common answer, believe it or not."

Why did Simpson say her first marriage was a financial mistake? The Washington Post examined old reports from People and TMZ that claimed Simpson's dad, Joe, told her not to sign a prenup because at the time of her marriage to Lachey, she was the lower earner.

Fast forward to the time of divorce, 2005, and Simpson was allegedly worth $35 million when Lachey was only worth $5 million. California law mandates that assets be divided equally, but TMZ reported that Lachey settled for less in order to speed up the process.

But with a billion-dollar business under her belt, we think Simpson can probably let bygones be bygones, especially now that she has settled in with a happy family of two kids with husband Eric Johnson.

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