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Jessica Simpson Calls Out John Mayer

Jessica Simpson hasn't spoken to ex-boyfriend John Mayer since he likened her to "Sexual Napalm" in an interview with Playboy magazine, but she had a few choice works for him while appearing on "The View" Monday.

"He'll never have this napalm again," she told the co-hosts of the morning television program during her appearance.

When asked if Mayer did any other dumb things during their relationship, she responded, "I thought he was stupid for breaking up with me."

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John Mayer Mouths Off About Jessica, Jen

The attention Mayer's comments attracted has made the 29-year-old singer uncomfortable.

"My phone has been ringing," she said. "It's more embarrassing because I'll walk into a restaurant or something and I'll notice that more men are looking at me and I feel like they're undressing me."

She said that Mayer did apologize to her for the comments he made in the interview, but added, "at this point it doesn't really matter."

Simpson also denied that she and Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan are dating, but said that she'd be willing to date a regular guy - like a plumber, for example - after her string of high-profile romances.

"Absolutely, bring it on!" she joked. "I always need a plumber!"

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