Report: Mom who put kids, 3 and 5, in Corvette trunk sentenced

HANOVER,  Pa. -- A Pennsylvania woman admitted Thursday she put her young children in the trunk of her Corvette, reports the York Dispatch.

Hanover Borough Police pulled over the two-seat sports car on July 10 after getting a 911 call from a person who saw someone placing two children in the car’s trunk.

Authorities say the mother, 29-year-old Jessica Reger, was in the passenger seat when an officer pulled the car over. The officer reportedly asked the 28-year-old driver, Ilena Blackburn, to open the trunk, and found Reger’s two children, 3 and 5.

On Thursday, Reger pleaded guilty to child endangerment and was sentenced to six to 23 months in prison with credit for time served, the paper reports. She was also required to take parenting classes.

Reger was also sentenced to concurrent prison time for violating probation in an unrelated case.

Blackburn reportedly pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment on Oct. 14, the paper reports, citing court records. She was sentenced to probation and ordered to take parenting classes and perform community service.

During court proceedings, Reger’s attorney argued that the part of the vehicle where the children were placed was a “well,” not a trunk. A prosecutor said that amounted to “semantics,” the paper reports.