Jessica Buchanan's long journey home

More from Jessica Buchanan on her kidnapping, captivity, and homecoming after 93 days in the hands of drug-addicted Somali pirates

Kidnapped aid worker Jessica Buchanan tells Scott Pelley that being taken hostage was like entering a "weird parallel universe." In the above video, she describes the beginning of her 93-day ordeal including a bizarre exchange with a kidnapper about a sunset.

Waiting for the "chairman"
 On their first day in captivity, American hostage Jessica Buchanan and her Danish coworker Poul Thisted asked if they could call their relief organization. The request was refused and they were told to "wait for the chairman." Buchanan describes why the title "chairman" gave her hope.

The ransom: Why $45 million?
 Negotiations for Jessica's release began with the bandits demanding a $45 million ransom. Jessica describes the pirates' "logic" and how it opened her eyes to their "lunacy."

How she avoided sexual assault
 Early on in her captivity, Jessica told a lie that helped her avoid being sexually assaulted. She knew mothers were ranked higher than single girls in Somali society so she said she had a son.
Mind trick helped Jessica stay sane

Dying was not Jessica's biggest fear, it was losing her mental capabilities. She tells Scott Pelley the secret game she played to keep her wits about her turned into something more: a journey of self-discovery.

Homecoming in small doses
 After her rescue, Jessica elected to participate in a hostage re-integration program which had strict rules about reuniting with family members. She describes the controlled process to Scott Pelley and the moment she'll never forget.