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Jessica Alba's Honest Sunscreen under fire from customers

Eco-friendly Honest Company is getting burned for their sunscreen.

Customers are taking to social media to claim the sunscreen doesn't work. With pictures of epic (and sometimes tragic) sunburns, customers are speaking out against the "unscented," "naturally-derived," and "non-toxic" sunscreen.

The Honest Company sells all-natural products, and was founded by actress Jessica Alba. The company markets the sunscreen as an SPF 30 with "broad spectrum, mineral-based protection."

In a statement to The Today Show, the Honest Company said the sunscreen is tested by an independent third party with "positive results."

"The number of complaints received on our own website about our Sunscreen Lotion constitute less than one half of one percent of all units actually sold at," the statement said. "We stand behind the safety and efficacy of this product."

The FDA requires sunscreen products to use up to 25 percent of zinc oxide. An investigation by NBC5 in Chicago found that the sunscreens formula had been changed, reducing the non-nano zinc oxide from 20 percent to 9.3. The majority of sunscreens have zinc oxide percentages between 18 and 25 percent.

After this reduction, Honest explained how they had added other ingredients to make up for the lack of effectiveness.

"The Honest Company has been transparent about the amount of zinc since the new formula came out in early 2015 as seen on the website and the new formula's packaging," the company told TODAY in a statement.

Alba has yet to comment publicly about the sunscreen controversy.

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