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Jessica Alba goes blonde for "Sin City 2"

Actress Jessica Alba shows off new hair color for "Sin City 2." Personal Photo/Twitter

(CBS News) Jessica Alba's hair is ready for "Sin City 2."

The actress, who is reprising her role as stripper Nancy Callahan, tweeted pictures of her new blonde 'do for the role.

Pictures: Jessica Alba

The 31-year-old tweeted a picture of herself before beginning the hair-changing process, saying, "Bye Bye brown hair."

Throughout her two-day trip to the hair salon, Alba tweeted pictures of the various stages of her transformation.

The final tweet showing the end result:

On Sunday, with her look completed, Alba went to a gun range to practice her shooting skills, tweeting, "What a way to start the day - training for a movie is sorta fun."

Tell us: What do you think of Alba's new look?

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