Jesse 'The Mouth' Ventura Turns Pro

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He's been a professional wrestler, talk-radio host and Minnesota governor. Next up for Jesse Ventura: his own cable show.

Ventura announced Wednesday on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" that he'll soon begin hosting a nightly program on MSNBC.

"I'm going to educate 'em, entertain 'em and tell people the truth," Ventura said, adding that he hopes the show attracts the sort of young people who helped him get elected in 1998, but who may not be paying much attention to politics these days.

Ventura said he didn't know what day the show will begin airing, or who his first guest will be. He said he'll be on five nights per week, and probably start within a month.

The announcement will surprise few. News of the show had leaked out months before and the "Tonight Show" Web site had listed "MSNBC" as the reason for Ventura's visit.

But Ventura, who had a talk radio show before running for governor, did his best to create his own hype.

"I don't know if they're ready for me," the former pro wrestler growled to Leno. "If there's one person that can get MSNBC off the air, you're looking at it."

The cable channel is seeking to reverse a fall in the ratings against rivals Fox News Channel and CNN. A highly publicized return to television by Phil Donahue hasn't attracted many viewers.

MSNBC spokesman Alan Winnikoff had no comment about Ventura's show.

Ventura did not say where the show will be based. Earlier reports said the Mall of America in Bloomington has been scouted as a possible location.

Leno, by way of welcoming Ventura back into show businesses warned: "And you thought politics was sleazy."

Ventura said Leno better watch out. "Go out and check what you thought was your parking lot," he said.

Ventura left office in January after deciding against running for a second term.

By Patrick Howe