"Jersey Shore" Season 2, Episode 11: "Deja Vu All Over Again"

Cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" (Emily Shuler/MTV)

NEW YORK (CBS) JWoww creates a chart to see how the roommates have indirectly hooked up with each other on Thursday night's been-there, done-that episode of "Jersey Shore."

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After last week's ho-hum clubbing activities, the guys and gals of the Miami pad once again find switching mates as a central source of pleasure. Smell a familiar theme?

The Situation kicks a girl out of his bed after she tells him she doesn't want to hook up, leading to one of his best one-liners this season: "Don't come over to somebody's house at f----- 5 a.m. and expect to play checkers."

Sammi gets irate over a mundane comment from Ronnie. When asked by his girl if she looks "exotic," Ronnie says "yeah, Sammi looks Asian." Ronnie's ex-girlfriend is Asian.

In the end, after a mishap in the kitchen, firefighters visit the Miami house to make sure nothing is on fire. Yet the things that smolder, they can't check.