"Jersey Shore" Season 2, Episode 11: Ain't No Fun If "The Situation" Can't Have None

Cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" (Emily Shuler/MTV)
Cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" (Emily Shuler/MTV)

NEW YORK (CBS) Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino gets annoyed when he doesn't get any "love in the club" and the girls of the house try to fix their broken bond on Thursday night's ho-hum "Jersey Shore."

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With cast member Angelina now out of the picture, Snooki desperately tries to get Jwoww and Sammi to be friends again, saying to the two that the notorious note she penned was to blame for the demise of their friendship.

Through much eyelash-picking and talking around in circles, Jwoww and Sammi (to appease Snooki) agree to try to work it out. But, once in private, Sammi confides to Ronnie that she's not looking to be friends again. And to add insult to injury, Jwoww, doesn't want "to get her nails done" with Sammi. Ouch.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino considers himself the "Boss" of the "Jersey Shore" household  and is surprised when the rest of the house doesn't view him in the same way (Wait - don't they recognize he's the $5 million dollar man?). The Sitch, who often refers to himself in the third-person when speaking in the confessionals, gets jealous when he finds that all the other housemates are having more fun in the nightclub than him, so he corrals the "Jersey Shore" squad and forces everyone to go home with him since he didn't get any action.

The Situation thinks that because he's "the leader of this group," everyone should obey him at all times. He gets really irate, yelling at Snooki until she tells him that he has "issues" and needs to get away from her. Everyone is on Snooki's side for this one; even Pauly doesn't get why Mike is being such a jerk.

The next day, The Situation runs into Snooki outside the liquor store and apologizes offhandedly, but Snooki isn't buying. Way to go, Snooks!