"Jersey Shore" Season 2, Episode 10: "Gone, Baby, Gone"

cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" (Emily Shur/MTV)
Cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" (Emily Shuler/MTV)

NEW YORK (CBS) On Thursday night's "Jersey Shore," Angelina makes a tough decision after getting into two fights.

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She then punched The Situation in the face for calling her names.

Angelina then went outside with her friend Gina and started crying while the boys were all in the living room joking about packing her bags and getting her out of Miami.

JWOWW found out about what happened and she felt bad for Angelina. She went outside to tell Angelina  she thinks she should stay, which was really nice of her.

The Situation invited Samantha to go out with all of them that night. He also decided to have sex with her that night.

Angelina's friend Gina was sleeping in her bed so Angelina thought it was OK  for her and Jose to sleep in The Situation's room since it was not being occupied at the time. But when The Situation found out, he was pretty upset about it, especially because the night before she had punched him.

Angelina was trying to decide whether or not she should leave and The Situation told her nobody would care if she left.

Unfortunately,  a fight was Angelina's goodbye.