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"Jersey Shore" Cast Speaks Out

It was just eight months ago that "Jersey Shore" first ran on MTV, but has fast become a mega-hit for the network. When the show premiered their second season a few weeks ago, they pulled in more than 5 million viewers.

This blue-collar show has really struck a chord with viewers who apparently love to watch the Italian-American twenty-somethings party hard, look for love, and drink way too much.

Pictures: "Jersey Shore"

"Early Show" Contributing Correspondent Taryn Winter Brill recently sat down with the eight-member cast of "Jersey Shore" to find out what this hype is all about.

Snooki even opened up about her now-famous night she spent in jail, saying it wasn't a stunt.

"I would never do something fake like that, like I would never want to go to jail," she said. "I had too many drinks and that's what happens."

Click on the video below for her complete interview: