Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! TV Appearance Lands Man in Court

(Jerry Springer Show)
LINCOLNTON, N.C. (CBS) Jerry Springer's Jan. 25 show featured guests who boasted "It Was the Greatest One-Night Stand" - for Richard Peterson his one-night stand also landed him in jail.

Photo: Richard Peterson with his girlfrind on "The Jerry Springer Show."

Peterson got an all-expenses-paid trip to Conn. to appear on the show with his girlfriend as well as the stripper who gave him that awesome one-night stand.

As occassionally happens on Springer, a fight ensued and Peterson's girlfriend chased him around the stage while the stripper twirled on a pole. Then the girlfriend turned her attention to the twirling stripper. I assume it was some Peabody Award caliber television.

All good clean "Jerry Springer Show" fun, right? Unfortunately for Peterson his probation officer - and here let me pause for a moment so you can recover from the shocking news that someone who appeared on Jerry Springer was on probation - his probation officer Melissa Seals found out. See, probationer Peterson wasn't supposed to leave the state, according to the Gaston Gazette.

Seals told District Court Judge Anna Foster at Peterson's hearing in Lincolnton, N.C., about 35 miles north of Charlotte, that she heard through the grapevine about her wayward probationer.

"I was at lunch the other day and found out he was at the show," Seals said. Seals confirmed that Peterson's appearance on the show was filmed in Stamford, Conn. by looking it up on Springer's Web site.

The serious tone of the hearing lifted as Peterson recounted the experience, eliciting laughter from nearly everyone in the courtroom, according to the Gaston Gazette.

"This might be my most humorous time as a judge in 11 years," Foster said.