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Jermaine Nixes Notion of Michael Drug Use

Michael Jackson's brother bristled Tuesday at the suggestion that the King of Pop was a drug user.

From Vienna, Austria, where he was announcing a tribute concert for Michael, Jermaine Jackson took exception when co-anchor Harry Smith said, "Your brother's (heavy prescription) drug use was not a secret. Are there moments when the family says, 'What could we have done differently, what should we have done differently, how could we have avoided where we are now?' "

"First of all," Jermaine responded, "I wouldn't call it that. I wouldn't call it that because, as I (have) stated before, there was nothing that I saw of anything of that substance. So for you to say that question to me is really not fair.

"This (the concert) is about us keeping Michael's legacy alive around the world and what he's given back, not just to music, but just to people. He was one of the greatest humanitarians that ever lived. And he's in the Guinness Book of Record for his actions in giving to charities.

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"So, we can say these things, but the bottom line is what he did with his music. He didn't sing about it and write about it, he did it. He took the time to go hospitals and make sure children were fine, and brought smiles to their faces, and gave them the chance to have fun at Neverland. That's what Neverland was built for, to bring the joy to kids who were dying. So, let's not forget about the focus of what Michael's whole legacy was all about.

"There's tremendous speculation and talk in the media, but at the same time, look at the person he was. He was a wonderful person."

The Los Angeles County Coroner concluded that Michael's death was a homicide, the result of a lethal mix of prescription drugs, including the powerful sedative Propofol. Michael's personal physician at the time, Dr. Conrad Murray, is said to be the subject of a related manslaughter investigation.

The concert, to be called "The Tribute in Memory of Michael Jackson," will be a star-studded affair September 26 in front of Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna.

The concert's Web site says the Jackson family intends to make it an annual event.