Jeremy Lin rookie card sells for $21K on eBay

Jeremy Lin Rookie Card Sold By Yair Rozmaryn On Ebay For $21,580
Jeremy Lin Rookie Card
An autographed Jeremy Lin rookie card sold on Ebay for $21,580

(CBS/AP) Last night, "Linsanity" got a sobering dose of Miami Vice, as the Knicks were crushed by the Heat. Jeremy Lin was ice cold, missing 10 of 11 shots and turning the ball over eight times - but off the court, he is still very much a hot commodity.

Just ask Yair Rozmaryn, a Manhattan trading card collector who just sold a rookie Jeremy Lin card on eBay for $21,580. According to the New York Times, Rozmaryn bought the card for $1,000 two weeks ago - when the Lin buzz was in its nascence.

The autographed card -- which shows a picture of Lin as a rookie with the Golden State Warriors -- also includes a swatch of the player's jersey. That certainly adds to its value but considering he bought the card two weeks ago, Rozmaryn sure scored on return on investment.

Meanwhile, the fanatical - and financial - frenzy surrounding the Knicks point guard is growing as a trademark war is brewing over the catch-phrase that describes the crazed excitement around Lin.

According to the AP, there have been seven applications filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark "Linsanity."

"Linsanity" sparks trademark war

That includes one by Pamela Deese, a lawyer representing Lin.

The applications cover use of the phrase on everything from cellphone cases and sunglasses to action figures and footwear.

A trademark can take a year or more to register.

The NBA says Lin jerseys have been the hottest selling jerseys at its online store since Feb. 4. It is preparing to sell more Lin-related merchandise like bobbleheads and plush animals.

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