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Jeopardy!'s Babe Ruth

There was Kelly, Michael, Brian, Sue, Ellen, Josh and Oliver, too. And who can forget Patricia?

On final Jeopardy, she wrote as her answer, "Whatever Ken's answer is."

More than 50 "Jeopardy!" contestants in all - savvy and accomplished - had nowhere to go but home.

For more than six weeks, Ken Jennings has topped them all. A software engineer from Salt Lake City, Jennings now holds the longest winning streak ever on "Jeopardy!" and there's no end in sight.

The Early Show's Tracy Smith reports on the contestant who asks all the right questions.

"He's Babe Ruth," says Tom Walsh. "And I'm the guy who held the home-run record before Babe Ruth."

Walsh had his own winning streak back in January, a seemingly lengthy seven days. That record held up for 5 months, until Jennings came along and quadrupled it.

Walsh says, "If you had to build a 'Jeopardy!' player, if you were Dr. Frankenstein or something, I think he's pretty close to what you'd come out with because he just has an incredible range of knowledge and depth. Almost never do you see a category that he struggles in."

In 28 episodes, Jennings has tackled everything from superheroes to singers to shoes. It's all getting just a little bit, well, predictable. Jennings is often so far ahead he can afford to have some fun, like the time he used his final Jeopardy response to send regards to his wife.

Now, poised to break the $1 million mark, Jennings remains largely unchallenged.

Walsh says, "People always ask, 'Do you want to play him?' Not really. No, I don't think I'd win. I don't know what it will take to beat him."

Jennings goes for win number 29 Monday night.

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