Jennings: 'Best Man Won'

Maybe Ken Jennings isn't so tough after all.

The "Jeopardy!" brainiac met his match this week, losing a three-day tournament of champions from the game show and a $2 million prize to Brad Rutter of Lancaster, Pa.

Rutter picked up his winnings on The Early Show Thursday. Jennings appeared with him.

"I felt like I was playing pretty well," Jennings told Smith. "The problem is, I had never played Brad before. Unfortunately, he was quite better. It was amazing to watch. It was a great performance."

Jennings says he was satisfied with how he performed, despite losing, "just to see that I could hang in there with great players like Brad…and also, just as a viewer, as a fan, to be very satisfied that the best man won. That was fun to watch."

Rutter told Smith he looked forward to the tournament, "just to see how I would do. But, at the same time, I was kind of apprehensive because, obviously, Ken was amazing last year, but I didn't have anything to compare myself to him.

"I was coming in with the expectation there was every possibility that I might get killed, but I thought I would do pretty well."

Rutter pointed out that the timing of "clicking in" is "a big part of the game. Most of the time all three people know the answer. It's whoever can time it right."

"He's the quickest (clicker) I've ever played," Jennings volunteered. "Usually, I can adjust to get in before somebody, but I just could not be quick enough to beat Brad."