Jennifer Vigil, N.M. teacher, accused of having sex with student in her classroom, report says

Jennifer Vigil
Jennifer Vigil

(CBS/AP) SANTA FE, N.M. - Authorities say a science high school teacher in New Mexico is now in custody for allegedly having sex with a student.

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Santa Fe County Sheriff's officials announced Wednesday that 31-year-old Jennifer Vigil is accused of two counts of rape. According to CBS affiliate KRQE, the Pojoaque School district contacted the Sheriff's office after rumors on the teacher-student relationship surfaced.

They say she's being held at the Santa Fe County Adult Detention Center awaiting arraignment.

Authorities reportedly said the teacher and student had sex twice, at least one incident was photographed by the student.

Police say Vigil claimed the sex was consensual but the student says, he was forced into the situation. KRQE reports the student told detectives that the teacher locked the door after he turned in an assignment after school and then said to him "You're not leaving until I get something from you"

Police said, even though the student is 18, and even if the sex was consensual, teacher-student relationships are against the law.

KRQE reports other students are being interviewed as part of the investigation, they are also trying to determine if Vigil had sex with the student before he was 18.

Vigil was reportedly put on paid leave by the Pojoaque district immediately after the allegations.