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Jennifer Mee (PICTURES): New Photos Surface of "Hiccup Girl," Alleged Killer

Jennifer Mee (PICTURES): New Photos Surface of "Hiccup Girl," Alleged Killer
Jennifer Mee (Personal Photo) Personal Photo

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (CBS) New photos of Jennifer Mee, the 19-year-old Florida teen who in 2007 garnered media attention with her uncontrollable hiccupping, have surfaced after she allegedly confessed to murdering a man in robbery gone wrong.

PICTURES: Jennifer Mee

Over the weekend Mee, of St. Petersburg, and two other people were charged with first-degree murder in the death 22-year old Shannon Griffin.

The photos were found on Mee's MySpace page. On it, Mee describes herself as being from "ST PISTOL, Florida" and describes herself as "Maken so much money idk what 2 do wit it [sic]."

According to the St. Petersburg Police Department, Mee lured Griffin to a home where the two others robbed him and then shot him several times with a .38-caliber revolver.

"Griffin struggled with the suspects during the robbery," police spokesman Michael Puetz said in a statement obtained by ABC News. "After which, Griffin was shot and killed."

Less than $50 was stolen from Griffin, who had worked at a Wal-Mart for at least a year and was supposed to be on vacation this week.

Mee and the others reportedly admitted to the crimes during questioning, CBS affiliate WFOR reports.

In 2007, Mee gained national attention as the girl who could not stop hiccupping; she would hiccup up to 50 times a minute for months. She told a local ABC station that the hiccups caused chest and back pain, and called it "unbelievable."

She tried home remedies and consulted medical specialists, a hypnotist and an acupuncturist, until the hiccups finally just stopped on their own.

Mee is no longer suffering from the hiccups, police spokesman Mike Puetz said.