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Jennifer Lopez: 'I Love Being A Stepmom'

Jennifer Lopez talks about her new low-key lifestyle and step-motherhood in the December issue of Harper's Bazaar.

The actress, who is the star of the magazine's best-dressed issue, is prepping for the film "Love and the Other Impossible Pursuits" in which she plays a stepmom to a young boy — and she sees the parallels in her own life.

"I love being a stepmom," says Lopez, 37, who is stepmother to husband Marc Anthony's three children. The couple, who star and produce the new film "El Cantante," have been married for two and a half years.

She also addresses the pregnancy rumors, saying they are "absolutely, 100 percent false. I am not pregnant. I am not getting in vitro. These kinds of rumors are part of being famous, though. You learn not to let it affect you."

Photos: J.Lo & Marc Anthony
If they ever do have a child together, will they opt for the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt People magazine cover fanfare or a Suri Cruise cover-up?

"It's hard to say," she says. "I haven't had a child, so I don't know if I would be super-protective or overjoyed to share my joy. I won't know till it happens. Everyone has to do what feels right for them."

2In recent years, Lopez says she's made some changes in her life, adding that she takes responsibility for the media circus that once surrounded her private life (i.e. her relationship with Ben Affleck).

"Fame is very intoxicating," she says. "You don't realize what you're doing when you're young. I finally took responsibility for the fact that I was a party to how everyone talked more about my love life than the work I was pouring my heart into. I made some changes. That going-out-and-being-glam thing gets old fast. I'd rather have friends over, be with my niece, or be in the studio writing. People keep saying to me, you're not out there anymore.' And I say, ' That's because I don't want to be.' "

She still has a passion for fashion, although we haven't recently seen a repeat of the plunging neckline dress that she wore to the Grammy awards in 2000.

"I love the fantasy that fashion brings; it can make you aspire to a better life, like it did to me. Though people might make fun of some of my outfits, I hope — and I think — they respect the fact that I love fashion, and I go out and do it."
By Amy Bonawitz