Jennifer Hudson spoofs "Scandal" for PSA

Jennifer Hudson has channeled Olivia Pope -- white coat and all -- for a "Scandal"-themed "Funny or Die" sketch with an informative message.

In the video, called "Scandalous," Hudson darts around Washington as "covert scandal manager" Lydia Cole, meeting people on park benches and in alleyways. But in each case, she finds their problems aren't scandals at all, and can all be solved by the Affordable Care Act.

"My company's healthcare," one woman tells her in the video, "it doesn't cover mammograms."

"The ACA covers preventative care for women's health," Hudson replies. "That's it? Girl, go find you a scandal."

The spoof is part of an effort to raise awareness about the Affordable Care Act and how it works. In July, Hudson, Amy Poehler and representatives for Oprah Winfrey and Alicia Keys met with senior White House officials to talk about how to use pop culture to inform the public about the program, Reuters reported at the time.

Watch Hudson's "Scandalous" video above.