Jennifer Garner Works to Save the Children

Besides being an award-winning leading lady and one of Hollywood's favorite stars, Jennifer Garner is a busy mother of two who still finds time to help those in need.

Garner is the artistic ambassador for Save the Children, a non-profit organization that works to create a lasting, positive change in the lives of children in poverty in the U.S. and abroad.

Garner says her children, Seraphina, 1, and Violet, 4, are part of why she wanted to help out with the cause.

"I think that kids inspire you to do everything you can," she said. "You want to a great role model. But you don't need to be inspired to help other kids. You don't have to be a mom. You just see other kids in need and you want to reach out to them. It's just a basic human emotion."

Is her role for Save the Children, Garner meets youngsters and sees the impact the organization has. "I get to be here and talk to you and spread the word that we can help kids in poverty in the United States," Garner pointed out.

She notes that one-in-five kids is growing up in poverty in the U.S., "And that means kids in poverty, by the time they're four years old, they are 18 months behind, developmentally, where your children will be. And that is just -- how do you ever come back from that? It's so unfair. Ninety percent of your brain growth happens by the time you're six. So, Save the Children gets in there early, gets in there strong. We are a literacy program, but we also teach kids just fundamentally how to make healthy choices."

The program also provides healthy snacks for kids. "Make Time for Snack Time," is a partnership between Save the Children and Frigidaire.

"If you go to," she says, "you can be part of their donation to Save the Children and you'll find great recipes for healthy snacks for your kids or for yourself, and you'll also become eligible to win a brand new Frigidaire French-door refrigerator."

Does Garner practice what she preaches? Laughing, she replied, "Oh, it's just one bag open after another!"

"Of course," she continued, "If you can sneak a vegetable into a snack team, good, we've got one taken care of."

With Mother's Day coming up, Garner said she's readying herself for some snacking of her own. She said, "hint, hint" that this year will be her favorite.

She joked, "I'm sure they'll wake me up with breakfast in bed and I'm sure they'll have made me a homemade card and they'll have flowers for me and that my husband will be there smiling."

But her movie star husband, Ben Affleck, she said, spoils her "100 percent of the time."

"Ben's really good," she said. "He knows I love flowers"

But what's next for Garner's career?

She said she may be starting a "Laverne & Shirley" remake with Jessica Biel.

"I wish that people in Los Angeles understood how much people in the rest of the country are dying to see us do 'Laverne & Shirley.'"

Garner said she wants to be Laverne. She says any time she calls Biel, she said, "'Hey, Shirley, what's up?'"

Will it happen?

"Who knows?" Garner said. "It's a crazy world. It's crazy that things don't happen, but it's even crazier that they do."