Jennifer Connelly's New Role Quite A Task

It's every parent's worst nightmare.

As a real life mother, Jennifer Connelly has thankfully never experienced it, but as an actress whose job is to take a fictional character and make it her own, she's come close to feeling its effects.

Connelly, who plays a mother whose child is killed by a hit-and-run driver in the soon-to-be-released film "Reservation Road," said that portraying her character was amongst the toughest roles she's ever had to play.

"Well, I tried to just completely commit myself to this sort of fictional reality," Connelly told The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm. "I just really tried to surrender to that, but I felt it."

Connelly said that another reason why the role was especially difficult for her to do was because she has two children of her own, and that she couldn't imagine what she'd do if she ever had to endure such a tragedy.

"I almost superstitious about not allowing myself to think about my own children because it seemed just unconscionable to exploit that consciously," said Connelly, who also experienced some difficulties falling asleep at night during the filming of the movie. "But, of course, it's what I'm made of, so much of who I am is a mom, and it's made my love for my kids, even though it's unconscious. So it was difficult to go through every day."

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Nonetheless, Connelly, who has also starred in "Blood Diamond," "Requiem for a Dream," and "A Beautiful Mind," said she would do it all over again if given another chance.

"I was happy to be part of it because despite all that, it was a movie that I felt really good about working on," she said. "I think Terry George is a phenomenal director and has made a really beautiful film that, despite being kind of harrowing, is -- you know, I felt really happy that I had seen it, you know?"

"Reservation Road" is to be released in theaters Oct. 19.

Connelly is currently filming "He's Just Not That Into You" alongside Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansson. Being a part of such an ensemble of high-profile actress is exhilarating, Connelly said.

"There are boys in it, too, but I'm really excited," Connelly said. "It's really fun for me because it's a comedy. I've played more wives and girlfriends and I was particularly excited about all the women in the film."

"He's Just Not That Into You," which also stars Bradley Cooper and Justin Long, has a scheduled release date for Aug. 1, 2008.