Jennifer Aniston: Happier than I've ever been

Jennifer Aniston is at a great place in her life. She has a new movie, "Wanderlust," in theaters right now. She has a new man. And she just turned 43.

"CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King sat down with the star to discuss her life.

The new man is Justin Theroux, with whom she stars, along with Paul Rudd and Alan Alda, in the new film, "Wanderlust."

But Aniston says the romance didn't begin at any one point in the filming - she and Theroux have known each other for five years. "I mean, he's been a friend," she says.

And Aniston is happy with yer life?

"Yes!" she exclaimed.

Happier than ever?

"Than I've ever been," Aniston confirmed.

As for being 43, she says she thinks it's "important" to mark every birthday.

She also reflected on rumors she's pregnant and people who question how happy she can be since she has no children. Aniston was blunt, calling them "narrow-minded," adding, "That doesn't measure the level of my happiness or my success in my life, or my achievements, and any of that. It's just truly being comfortable, and not giving a crap about what other other people think."

But she says she does care about what people she cares about think of her.

Aniston admitted getting "very nostalgic" about "Friends," even watching reruns now and then. She says she doesn't remember some episodes, so it's as if she's seeing them for the first time.

To see the entire interview, click on the video in the player above. And to see a Web exclusive in which she talks about her new dog, click on the video below: