Jenna: Done In By The Alphabet

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Jenna Lewis, a 22-year-old college student and mother of twins from New Hampshire, was voted off Survivor Wednesday night.

Her undoing was a swing vote cast by Sean, who is voting tribe members off in alphabetical order. About casting his vote for Jenna, he said, "If I felt she was in jeopardy, I would think twice about casting the vote."

During her visit to The Early Show Thursday morning, Lewis said, "I think he was naive in believing that I wouldn't goÂ… He was a swing vote. I knew Kelly was defecting from the alliance, so I knew she was swinging her vote Sean's way. That left three of the alliance against me."

Of the alliance itself, Lewis explained that she viewed it as a strategy, a way to play the game that worked. While feelings among many viewers are running high against Richard and Susan, Lewis insisted that they are good people.

"I think they're just playing the game," she said. "I liked them on the islandÂ… You guys are seeing the worst of everybody."

One of the more emotional moments on Survivor came last week, when Lewis was the only contestant who did not receive a video from home.

"Anybody that felt sympathy, don't," she said flatly. "I was there for a purpose. I may have forgotten what that purpose was at times, and I ended up getting kicked off. But don't feel any sympathy."

Even after she was voted off the island, Lewis had to wait two weeks before she could call home, "because no one back home was allowed to know I had been voted off."

She also said she has no problem with how she has been portrayed on the Survivor episodes that have aired so far.

"Some people are upset at the way the editing made them look," explained Lewis. "I think it captured me. I am loud. I am obnoxious sometimes."

But she added that the camera is not being fair to everyone.

"I think Richard is looking a little bit more treacherous than he really is," Lewis said. "I also think that Sue - this is a hard one because I didn't realize the things she was saying to the camera when we weren't around. She's more intelligent than people think."

Knowing now what Sue said on camera, does it make Lewis not want to keep in touch with her?

"No, no! It's on the island," she said. "What happens on the island, happened on the island. You're in, like, a bell jarÂ… You get over it when you get off."

Since she got off the island, Lewis has moved herself and her twin daughters to her brother's home in San Francisco. She is waiting to see if Survivor will bring any media deals her way.

"I don't know what will happen yet," she said. "I was on a top show, but I'm not an actress. People are seeing the real me."