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Jen On Brad: Sensitivity Missing

Actress Jennifer Aniston is breaking her silence on her break-up with Brad Pitt in the new issue of Vanity Fair Magazine, which features some very revealing photos of the "Friends" actress.

"I don't think is it a plea for sympathy," Jess Cagle, entertainment contributor and People Magazine senior editor, tells The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen. "She wants to tell her side of the story."

Noting that the tabloids have certainly told Pitt and Angelina Jolie's side, Cagle speculates that this is Aniston's way of sharing what she went through.

"She says that she still loves Brad very much," Cagle says. "However, she does get in a few little digs such as Brad has dyed his hair blond, and that Billy Idol called and wants his look back."

Aniston is also quoted as saying Pitt is missing a sensitivity chip.

"That refers to some photos that appeared of Brad and Angelina in W magazine a couple of months ago," Cagle explains. "They were very artistic, great photos of the two of them - sort of playing house and raising kids together in kind of a '60s suburban setting.

"The photos were really shocking, given that these two people, allegedly at least, had had an affair while he was married. So she thought that that was a little insensitive. I think anybody who saw the photos might agree."

In addition to those photos, Aniston expressed shock over the ones that appeared in tabloid magazines of Pitt and Jolie, and her adopted son Maddox in Africa.

Why the surprise, considering all the rumors about the affair?

As in so many marriages where this happens, there is an element of denial, Cagle says. He explains, "We should note that even Jennifer Aniston believed Brad when he says he did not start the affair until after they split - that was soon after they had split, and they were about to file for divorce. And these photos of Brad and Angelina on vacation surfaced. It is possible that she may not have admitted to herself the extent of the Brad and Angelina relationship."

Aniston also said that Pitt checked out of the marriage after filming "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" with Jolie. But could it have been that Aniston was not all that checked into her marriage?

Cagle says, "There's nothing that leads us to believe on any part that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up together. I think that it really was him sort of pulling away. However, these are two people who married young, and ultimately just grew apart."

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