Jeff Goldblum on exploring the world in his new show

Jeff Goldblum on exploring the world
Jeff Goldblum on exploring the world 07:18

Jeff Goldblum first came to New York City when he was 17 years old to study acting at the famed Neighborhood Playhouse. Soon after, he made his Broadway debut in the Tony Award-winning musical "Two Gentlemen of Verona," and has since starred in many major films including "Jurassic Park," "The Fly" and "Independence Day." 

Now, the actor will play himself. In his new show on Disney+, "The World According to Jeff Goldblum," he explores the world through his always unique perspective.  

Goldblum told CBS This Morning's Tony Dokoupil at the Empire State Building on Wednesday about the range of seemingly familiar subjects he found surprising stories within for the show. According to Goldblum, he explores everything from sneakers to ice cream.

For an episode on pools, Goldblum said he went to Raging Waters – his first time ever at a water park – and spoke to NASA astronauts. Goldblum visited NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston, Texas, to test out a huge pool they use to train astronauts for zero gravity. It has a replica of the International Space Station at the bottom.

"I talked to a couple of astronaut trainees, women, spectacular women who were at the end of their two-year program, went for six hours in their space suits in order to simulate weightlessness in order to do their work. I put on fins and snorkel and went in with them," Goldblum said.

"One of them told me a very interesting thing. … Everybody who's been up there for like four or five months – only men, not the women who have been up there – but the men come back with something wrong with their right eye. Not their left eye, but always their right eye," he said. "They have no idea what's going on with it."

"We learned a lot of interesting stuff," he added.