Jeff Glor's Notebook: Human Faces

Hi everyone I'm Jeff Glor, in for Katie Couric.

Ted Kennedy once said of his legislative work, "I look at all the causes I'm involved in with a human face, and I think that is what has been enduring and continuing and inspiring."

Today, so many of those faces - belonging to the thousands of lives he touched- are gathering in Boston at his brother's presidential library where the Senator lies in repose.

And there are many others: an 8-year-old girl in Washington who was the Senator's last reading buddy - a 9-11 widow who found strength in a man who was no stranger to tragedy - and the parents of a fallen soldier who joined forces with Kennedy to ensure that men and women serving this nation get the armor they need.

Senator Kennedy wrote 25-hundred pieces of legislation in his 46 years in office, nearly 47, and passed hundreds of them into law.

But the legacy is not the paper - it's the people, the individual lives that collectively mourn on this day.

That's a page from our notebook.

I'm Jeff Glor, CBS News.