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Jeff Foxworthy surprises stranger in line at grocery store with generous act

With a handful of coupons, it took Robin McFadden a lot longer than she’d hoped to find all the items she was looking for at her local Publix Saturday.

By the time she did, the Georgia woman was exhausted, and so were her three young children. They stopped at the grocery store in Johns Creek, Georgia, on their way home from a kids’ basketball game.

The mother was finally ready to check out when her kids, ages 8, 2 and 10 months, began to fuss.

“The kids were going insane,” McFadden told CBS News.

McFadden was trying to do the math in her head as the cashier rang up each item. Something was off -- the total was $25 more than she anticipated, but McFadden could hardly think straight.

All the mom of three could concentrate on was her children. Behind her, she heard people starting to whisper.

But she kept her cool.

“My total was off from what I calculated,” she explained. “I tried to calm down the kids when I heard someone ask, ‘How much is she short?’”

The tired mom turned around and let out a huge gasp. The customer who was standing in line behind her was none other than comedian Jeff Foxworthy.

He laughed as he began to walk around the aisle with his credit card in hand.

“Oh no, no, you don’t have to pay,” McFadden interjected.

Foxworthy waved her off.

“I was elated! I had never been that close to a celebrity,” said McFadden, adding that she had no idea the comedian lived so close by.

After thanking Foxworthy, the now calm and collected mom asked for a selfie, and without hesitation, Foxworthy obliged.

McFadden considers Foxworthy’s act of kindness karma. The week before, McFadden donated nearly the same amount of money to another family in need during Thanksgiving.

When McFadden posted the photo of her and Foxworthy on Facebook, her family and friends went viral.

“I love hearing the positive things about him,” she said. “All the wonderful things he’s done.”

But this story might just be her favorite one yet.

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