Jeff Bezos: Facts and Links

The Jeff Bezos story can't be reduced to numbers. But some of those numbers are nonetheless astounding. After you're finished picking your jaw up from the floor, check out some of these links, which are related to both Bezos and books.
  • Over the first six months of 1998, sold 10 times as many books as its nearest online competitor,, $203 million to $22 million.
  • Despite Amazon's success, Jeff Bezos keeps a close eye on waste. To save money and to send a frugal message, the company has its desks made from doors, with four-by-fours for legs.
  • Bezos is a big Star Trek fan. He named his dog after a minor character in the show, Kamala.
  • Find out what all the fuss is about. Check out for yourself.
  • But when you've got the Web, who needs Amazon or any other bookseller? The Internet has many sites that offer the full text of books, everything from Sophocles to Shakespeare, Sun Tzu to the Kenneth Starr report. Check out The Online Books Page: This site is a comprehensive list of book-related sites all over the Web.
  • The University of Virginia has also created a well-organized online library.
  • Another good place for literature: The Classics. If you're interested in the greatest authors of antiquity, this MIT-sponsored site is the place for you.
  • The Literary Calendar lists book-related dates for almost every day of the year.
  • Where does Bezos go when he's surfing? Inc. magazine asked him, and he gave them a few of his favorite sites. Find out where to buy a meteorite online.
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