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Jean Marie Berlinghoff Missing: Police Searching for Calif. Teen, Uncle Last Seen Nov. 10

Jean Marie Berlinghoff Missing: Police Continue Search for Teen, Uncle Last Seen Nov. 10
Jean Berlinghoff (left) was last seen with her uncle Charles Berlinghoff (right) in Redding, California. (

REDDING, Calif. (CBS) An exhaustive search for California teen Jean Berlinghoff, who has been missing since Nov. 10, turned up empty Sunday as friends and family continued to pass out flyers with her picture and the picture of the man she was last seen with - her uncle Charles Berlinghoff.

Jean was last seen at her father's house with her uncle, Berlinghoff, who was visiting from Los Angeles, according to The Record Searchlight.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office brought in several dogs to assist in the search Sunday where deputies and volunteers continued to search an area outside the Shasta National Forest where Charles Berlinghoff's vehicle was found abandoned Friday, the paper reported.

A California Highway Patrol helicopter also circled overhead as searchers tromped through the snowy, rocky terrain.

Meanwhile, reports that Charles Berlinghoff was spotted outside a nearby supermarket trying to hitch a ride last week turned out to be unfounded, Shasta County Detective Sgt. John Hubbard told the Record Searchlight.

Charles Berlinghoff's car has since been towed from the turn-off where it was found, but a road block has been set up to preserve any potential crime scene, Hubbard told the paper.

Hubbard also said there was some gas left in the tank and the doors were locked but declined to comment on what kind of evidence had been found in or around the car, according to the newspaper.

Charles "Charlie" Berlinghoff is wanted on a $100,000 Shasta County warrant charging him with keeping Jean from her parents. He also reportedly has a history of sex crimes, but he's not a registered sex offender, and his convictions have been expunged or dismissed.

Jean is 15-years-old, and has black hair and blue eyes. She is about five feet-2 inches tall.

Charles Berlinghoff is 5 feet-11 inches tall, weighs 160 pounds and has black hair and a long goatee.

Anyone with information on their whereabouts should call the Shasta County Sheriff's Office at (530) 245-6540.