Jealous Wife Used Toxic Chemicals to Avenge Mistress; Is She a Terrorist?

Woman Who Used Toxic Chemicals to Avenge Mistress, A Terrorist?
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WASHINGTON (CBS/AP) A jealous wife, out to avenge her husband's mistress, strategically places deadly chemicals intended to harm "the other woman."

Is it a crime of passion...or a terrorist act?

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of Landsdale, Pa. woman Carol Anne Bond, to decide whether an anti-terrorism law was appropriate grounds to prosecute her three years ago.

Bond was sentenced to six years in prison after confessing to trying to harm her husband's mistress, Myrlinda Haynes, with toxic chemicals she stole from her job.

Prosecutors initially charged Bond with a federal chemical weapons violation, a law that her lawyers claim was intended to deal with rogue states and terrorists, not a woman caught in a love triangle.

Bond, a laboratory technician, apparently stole potassium dichromate - a potentially deadly chemical if ingested - from her workplace. She admitted to putting the chemicals on Haynes' door handle and in the tailpipe of Haynes' vehicle. Haynes later contacted authorities after finding the chemicals in her home.

She was not injured.

Bond's lawyers want the court to dismiss her conviction, claiming she should have been prosecuted under state law, not in federal court. She has been in prison since her June 2007 arrest.

Bond's husband reportedly had a child with his mistress while still married to Bond.