Jay-Z Raps 9/11 Concert Scalpers

Jay-Z during a summer show performance. Fifteen years ago, he says he had no idea that he would be a wealthy superstar. He was just surviving. But now, he has already sold over 15 million albums, and his personal fortune is above $50 million.
Rapper Jay-Z is criticizing scalpers who are selling tickets to his Sept. 11 benefit concert.

The Brooklyn-born rapper will perform at Madison Square Garden on Friday. Proceeds from sales of tickets and merchandise will go to the New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund.

Tickets were intentionally set relatively low at $54.50 each to make them affordable for people struggling economically. The roughly 20,000 tickets sold out in moments on Tuesday.

Some now are showing up on resale sites for $200 to $3,000. One site offered tickets for $45,000 each.

Jay-Z says he's "disheartened" by the scalping.

John Neary, the benefit fund's treasurer, called the scalping "a shame."