Brooklyn man accused of raping teen he met on Snapchat

Javier Morales

CBS New York

ELMONT, N.Y. -- A Brooklyn man has been accused of raping a Long Island teen that he met on Snapchat, CBS New York reports.

Javier Morales, 28, met the 14-year-old girl on the mobile app, and the teen's mother contacted police after the alleged rape, Nassau Police Detective Lieutenant Richard LeBrun said.

"Defendant Morales, as you can see here, is a prime example of a sexual predator," LeBrun said as he showed reporters an image of Morales.

"We are living in this new age of technology. All the children have iPhones, they have other communication devices. Parents need to get into those devices, they need to talk to their children with regard to what is good, what is bad," he added.

New York Police Department and court records show that Morales is also the suspect in a separate rape case in Brooklyn involving a 12-year-old.