Jason Wu collection makes a splash at Target

Jason Wu
Jason Wu

It's not uncommon for women who buy Jason Wu's designs to spend thousands of dollars on a single dress. But now, thanks to his latest partnership, even fans on a budget can make their designer dreams come true.

Jason Wu's Capsule Collection has debuted at Target stores nationwide, and like other designers who have opened their brand to Target, his wares have flown off the store shelves.

All pieces in Wu's 53-piece collection are priced less than $60. Wu's collection went live on Target.com Sunday just after midnight. Most items sold out before sunrise.

Wu is perhaps best-known for his creating first lady Michelle Obama's inauguration gown, which is now in a Smithsonian museum in Washington, D.C.

Though Wu's designs may soon sell out completely in stores and online, people looking to get their own Wu outfit may still find the designs on the resale market. However, buyers may have to dish out a little more cash for their own Wu. Before the collection even launched, pieces were selling on eBay for more than four times the expected retail price.

Target has hosted other major designers who hope to reach a wider audience. Most recently, the Italian designer Missoni made headlines with a 500-piece collection. The iconic zig-zag-patterned garments sold out almost immediately in stores and online last year. The online traffic from the launch of that collection even crashed the Target website.

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To see some of the pieces in Wu's collection and find out more about the allure of designer products and how supply and demand is kept in check, check out the video in the player above.