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Jason Sudeikis on making "Ted Lasso" and the show's future

What’s in store for “Ted Lasso”
Jason Sudeikis on how many seasons "Ted Lasso" might run 00:30

When actor Jason Sudeikis introduced coach Ted Lasso to the world nearly ten years ago, no one could have predicted the character's trajectory.

He began as a silly ad-campaign for NBC Sports to promote soccer's English Premier League in the United States but the Apple TV+ show that bears his name has become a phenomenon.

Sunday on 60 Minutes, correspondent Norah O'Donnell reported from England where she met the show's stars and went for a walk around Richmond. O'Donnell asked Sudeikis if Ted Lasso will fall in love and how many seasons he thinks the show will last. The Emmy Award winning actor and Saturday Night Live alum also showed O'Donnell around the AFC Richmond locker room, explaining the secret history of the club and who some of the Richmond Greyhounds are named for.

Jason Sudeikis on whether Ted Lasso will fall in love 00:29
“Ted Lasso” cast members speak about their characters 03:24
Who the characters of Ted Lasso are named for 01:25
Members of the “Ted Lasso” ensemble recall their favorite scenes from the hit show 04:26

The videos above were originally published on March 13, 2022 and were edited by Sarah Shafer Prediger and Sean Kelly.

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