Jason Dunn, Calif. man, accused of stabbing his father and then cutting his own hands off

Police at the Dunn home
CBS affiliate KHSLTV

(CBS) SHASTA COUNTY, Calif.-- Authorities said a man stabbed his 59-year-old father before cutting his own hands off with a radial saw, according to CBS Sacramento.

The station said police responded to the Dunn home around 3:30 p.m. on Monday after they received reports of the incident. When they arrived, the authorities found both the father, Gregory Alan Dunn, and his son Jason Dunn with visible injuries.

Jason Dunn, 27,  is accused of stabbing his father multiple times with a pair of scissors following a verbal dispute, reported CBS Sacramento.

Neighbors of the Dunn's were shocked when they learned about the incident, said CBS affiliate KHSLTV.

"It wasn't until today, 'til this morning, that we found out actually what went on. I mean, kind of strange for this street," said neighbor Chris Womack.

Both father and son were transported to Mercy Medical Center, a nearby hospital to be treated for their wounds. They are in stable condition and recovering from surgery, reported KHSLTV.