Jason Aldean's Grammy moment


Country music star Jason Aldean is up for three Grammy Awards this weekend. He's coming off a huge year in which he not only had the top country CD, but also the fifth-best selling album in all of music.

His newfound fame has not gone to his head. He still seems surprised by his surging popularity and the kind of show he can now afford to put on. "I wanted to make it more of an event you know more than just a normal concert or a normal show," Aldean said. "That's one thing that I've always tried to keep in mind when we're you know putting our show together is - ok how do I keep people from wanting to go to the bathroom?"

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Aldean's show is built around "My Kinda Party," - the number one selling country album of 2011. In all of music, only Adele, Michael Buble, Lady Gaga, and Lil Wayne sold more records last year.

54th Annual Grammy Awards

Despite his seemingly rapid rise, Aldean is far from an overnight success. He was discovered in Atlanta back in 1998 and moved to Nashville hoping to make it big. Five years later he didn't have a record deal.

Aldean said he was close to giving up. "I was really close to leaving I remember calling my cousin and saying 'Hey dude I need a job' you know I'm ready to move back. I said you know this is just it's not happening."

Learn how Aldean was discovered by watching Ben Tracy's full report in the video at the top of the page.