Jasmine Fiore: New Videos of Bikini Model Before Murder

NEW YORK (CBS) New videos have surfaced of slain bikini model Jasmine Fiore and the man believed to have killed her, her ex-husband Ryan Jenkins.

It's not entirely clear when the videos, found on Jenkins' MySpace page, were made, but the pair seem very much a couple and Jenkins expresses his love for his "wife" while she strikes sexy poses for him in several locations.

Photos: Jasmine Fiore, Bikini Model Murder Photos

In the first clip, Fiore, clad in a small bikini, dances for Jenkins next to a Las Vegas pool. Jenkins, who is holding the camera says, "God I love my life. And I love my wife." He then turns the camera on himself and says, "Luckiest guy in the world, right here," and points to himself.

In the next clip, the seemingly happy couple is at a "wishing well." Jenkins asks Fiore, "Are you going to make a wish?" to which she responds, "It already came true." A smiling Jenkins then turns the camera on himself and says, "Look at this place. This is our life."

In the last segment, Fiore is dancing for her husband again. This time she appears in a nightclub wearing a short light colored dress that she hikes up. Jenkins, who is holding the camera says, "That's my wifey baby!" and at the end he screams, "I love my [expletive] life!"

After a massive international manhunt that lasted about a week, Jenkins was found dead in a Canadian motel on Aug. 23, apparently a suicide.

Authorities believe Ryan Jenkins, a wealthy real estate agent who was slated to be a contestant on the VH1 reality show, "Megan Wants a Millionaire," killed Fiore then tried to cover his tracks by removing her fingers and teeth. Fiore's body was found stuffed in a bloody suitcase in a California dumpster on Aug. 15, 2009. Her body was so badly mutilated, Fiore had to be identified by her breast implants' serial numbers.

Photos: Jasmine Fiore, Bikini Model Murder Photos

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