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Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin will return for second season of Neflix's "Grace and Frankie"

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda's odd-couple sitcom "Grace and Frankie" will be back for a second season, Neflix announced Tuesday -- just three weeks after the show's debut on May 8.

Just announced: @GraceandFrankie will return for Season 2 on Netflix!

— Netflix US (@netflix) May 27, 2015

The series, created by "Friends" producer Marta Kaufamn and "Home Improvement" writer Howard J. Morris, stars Tomlin, 75, and Fonda, 77, playing opposite personalities thrust together following revelations that their husbands, long-time law-firm partners, are also romantic partners.

"We want to get married," Grace's husband Robert, Martin Sheen, announces in the series kickoff. "You can do that now."

"I know -- I hosted that fundraiser!" Frankie blasts in response.

Fonda plays Grace, a perfectionist business woman with apparently little patience for Tomlin's character Frankie, a free-spirited artist. The two argue, insult and commiserate over the mutual loss of their husbands to each other. Sparring and clashing personalities aside, Grace and Frankie seem to have much to bond with gags about hearing loss, vision loss, sex after 70 and internet dating.

The show, which had premiered to mixed reviews, is the first time Fonda and Tomlin have reunited for a project since their famous roles on "Nine to Five" alongside Dolly Parton through husband and infidelity-themed shenanigans.