Jamie Lee Curtis reprises "NCIS" role as Dr. Ryan

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis in the "CBS This Morning" studio.
CBS News

(CBS News) Though she may be best-known now as the spokesperson for Activia yogurt, Jamie Lee Curtis has had a busy and varied career in acting.

She began her career as a "scream queen" in the classic horror film, "Halloween." Later, she earned a Golden Globe for her role as the wife of a secret agent in "True Lies." And she played a mother-turned-teen in the remake of "Freaky Friday."

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Currently, Curtis is reprising her role as Dr. Samantha Ryan in TV's highest-rated scripted show, "NCIS." This will be her third time guest starring on the show as a possible love interest for Mark Harmon's character, Special Agent Gibbs.

"Gibbs is one of the most interesting male characters on TV," Curtis said. "What I love, is that every woman I know is holding out hope, particularly single women - even some married women - that if they wait long enough, Gibbs will wait for them."

Curtis called the role of Dr. Ryan "challenging and fun" and said she would be open to appearing on the show more regularly. Meanwhile, she keeps active as a best-selling author, activist, mother of two and wife. She's been married to her husband - actor, writer and director, Christopher Guest - since 1984.

"Married to my first husband," she said. "I did that in my first book. I said, 'She's married to her first husband' ... He didn't like that."

Curtis doesn't shy away from her age, either. At 53, she said she embraces aging as a part of life - a part she doesn't have any real control over.

"We're aging from the moment we're born," she said. "It's going to happen. It's much more about the content of my character than the contour of my face."