Jamie and Nation Hahn Stabbing Update: Victim questioned suspect's handling of campaign funds

(left to right) Jonathan Broyhill, Jamie Hahn and Nation Hahn.

(CBS/WRAL/AP) RALEIGH, N.C. - A Raleigh man accused of fatally stabbing a political fundraiser was under suspicion for questionable activities involving the campaign of former Rep. Brad Miller, Miller told CBS affiliate WRAL Wednesday.

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Jonathan Broyhill is accused of killing 29-year-old Jameson Kirk Hahn and the stabbing of her husband Nation Richard Hahn at their home Monday evening. A wedding announcement in a South Carolina newspaper listed Broyhill as the best man at the couple's wedding in April 2009.

Broyhill worked for Sky Blue Strategies, a firm Jamie Hahn founded that focused on political fundraising, WRAL reports. The suspect was responsible for managing the finances for Miller's campaign and preparing finance reports for the Federal Elections Commission.

According to WRAL, the FEC flagged refund checks last fall to five donors who reportedly were sent amounts in excess of what they contributed. The station spoke to four of the donors, who said they never received those checks from the Miller campaign, which would have been Broyhill's sole responsibility.

Miller reportedly said some on his campaign started questioning Broyhill's activities last year and that Hahn was planning to ask Broyhill to give back the campaign checkbook and bank records, but he doesn't know if that conversation took place before Monday's attack.

According to a search warrant and 911 call released Tuesday, police reportedly found Jamie Hahn, with multiple stab wounds, on the ground about a tenth of a mile from her home with a trail of blood leading back to the scene of the alleged attack.

Pamela Hung, a neighbor of the Hahn's, told WRAL that Broyhill was very close with the couple and spent a lot of time at their home.

"I've seen him on many occasions, because he was practically like part of the family. That's how much time he spent at their house," Hung said. "To my knowledge, he was like their best friend, so you wonder, what the heck could have happened."

Raleigh police are continuing to investigate the attack.

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