James Corden has some terrible ideas for a Deadpool sidekick

A favorite on stage and British TV, the "Into the Woods" star is about to take his biggest gig yet - as host of "The Late Late Show."

CBS News

Given the massive success of Ryan Reynolds' R-rated comic book flick "Deadpool" last weekend, it's no surprise that there are already plans for a sequel. And when they're ready to make it, James Corden would like to be a part of it -- a very specific part of it.

Corden debuted a video Thursday night of his attempts to impress Reynolds with different ideas for a sidekick for Deadpool in the follow-up film, though his attempts were less than super: Strawberry Shortfuse, the Clam and Potato Man aren't really that intimidating, though his Iceman did at least get close to the "Deadpool" level of racy humor. "The Iceman cometh all over you," Corden offered. "He probably doesn't say that."

In the end, Reynolds had the best idea of how to work him in: "Double Deadpool," featuring both actors as the wisecracking super-assassin.

Also, can we talk about the decoration job Corden's team did on Reynolds' fake office? The framed People magazine covers are one thing, but Reynolds is clearly a good sport to have that "Green Lantern" poster hanging up there.