Panthers quarterback Cam Newton's favorite athletes


This Sunday is Super Bowl 50. Since it's likely to be an historic matchup of matchless quarterbacks, CBS special correspondent and Super Bowl pregame host James Brown sat down with Panthers quarterback Cam Newton for an interview on "60 minutes sports."

JAMES BROWN: Other North Carolina athletes that-- you have a relationship with, those with North Carolina roots. Michael Jordan.


BROWN: Stephen Curry.

NEWTON: Right.

BROWN: And others like LeBron James. What one somethin' did you take away from those relationships, those games?

NEWTON: Their professionalism. Here I am, I'm in awe every single time I see -- Michael Jordan. And, you know, Steph Curry's a person that has really embarked upon elite status in NBA history. And I'm not too proud to ask, from LeBron to, you know, Michael Jordan, to Steph Curry or even yourself that I need help. You know what I'm sayin'? I'm not perfect. Anything that you could tell me, anything that anyone else could tell me that may help me in my growth, I wanted to hear it. You know, I think people reach a height in their lives that they realize that 'oh, I'm successful. Oh, I'm this, I'm that.' And I've gotten here because of the things that I've done. But to me, it's complete opposite. I wouldn't be here in this situation today without the help of so many different people. From coaches, from parents, from resilient friends, to people that have helped me along the way that I may have even forgot, but I thank God for them bein' in my life, because I'm here right now.

BROWN: Dave Gettleman said when they signed you to that contract it's because they thought you could get them to the promised land. You're like Moses now. You're at the doorstep. Will you be Joshua to take them into the promised land, is the question.

NEWTON: I'm hoping. I'm hoping. I can't promise anything, but I can tell you this: I'm going to be a person that's out there on Super Bowl Sunday prepared and living the dream.