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James Bond theme done a cappella (and a clever bonus item)

(CBS News) People everywhere seem to be raving about the new edition to the James Bond franchise: "Skyfall". Have you seen it yet? No, wait, don't say anything that might spoil it for me, I still need to go check it out. But in honor of this latest addition, we have for you a wonderful a cappella rendition of the classic 1960's James Bond theme song that you all know and love above.

The sweet music-made-only-by-the-mouth version was posted by Nick McKaig (and performed by both himself and Trudbol) who writes about it:

This is our version of the classic 1964 James Bond Theme!! The recording is 100% vocals recorded solely by Trudbol and myself, made up of more than 30 tracks.

Well done, Nick McKaig and Trudbol - a wonderful tribute to the original Bond theme song!

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And I promised a clever bonus item, and always keep my promises. And while I'm not sure if this item totally fits with our previous Bond entry thematically, this YouTube video by Greg Condon incorporates a fascinating editing technique he calls "drop motion" that simply needed to be highlighted somewhere here on The Feed. And this seems as good a place as any, right?

Check out the clever concept in action below. And if you'd like to check out more music, you can click here to go to by Nick McKaig's YouTube page or click here to go to Trudbol's YouTube page.  And for more work by Greg Condon, you can click here to go to his YouTube page.

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