Jake and Vienna Faceoff Planned by ABC on "The Bachelorette"

Vienna Girardi and ex-fiance Jake Pavelka.
Personal Photo
Vienna Girardi and ex-fiance Jake Pavelka from "The Bachelor." (Personal Photo)

NEW YORK (CBS) Now that Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are officially done, all the juicy details of their breakup are spewing out.

And TV audiences will be able to see some of it for themselves on July 5 when Pavelka and Girardi reunite for a televised meeting on "The Bachelorette."

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So far, we have learnedthat the 32-year-old pilot called it quits with Girardi over the phone, and now it looks as if jealousy and lack of intimacy issues are the reasons for the split.

"Vienna loved the limelight," Pavelka tells Extra. "She was extremely jealous that wonderful things were happening to me. I was including her as much as I possibly could."

He also said that he was shocked when Girardi sold her side of the story to a tabloid. "What did I ever do to you that you would go down and sell your story to a magazine? Is being famous that important to you?"

Girardi, 24, recently revealed to Star Magazine that the two of them developed major intimacy issues and that the affection Pavelka showed her was just for the camera.

"I'm not going to even justify that with a comment," Pavelka said in response to Giradi's story. "It's just a hurtful statement to throw out there. I'm absolutely not going to get into a 'he said, she said'."

Fortunately, this "he said, she said" drama will soon provide more entertainment for ABC viewers. The reunion of the two on next weeks "The Bachelorette" is sure to draw an audience.

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